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Congrats. A wonderful read.

Mary Wilson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.

Evelyn Rascio

Well done and fabulous book! Just started reading it and loving the story.

Alex Moore

I read until past midnight last night and finished "Shire Summer". I had been reading a chapter or two each night before going to sleep but decided to set a few hours aside to immerse myself in your book then I couldn't put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Great plot, interesting and likeable characters, beautiful setting! Although written for a younger audience, I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Shire Summer" and feel that it would appeal to readers of all ages. Hope there is a sequel in the works!

Catherine Raven

I finished reading your book last week while visiting Mom and LOVED it! I'm sorry that it took so long to get back to you to send you high praise. I loved your characters and the way I could picture the coastline and surrounding town and country. The explanations were very helpful as my sailing terminology is very spotty. You got the kids' voices! They really sounded so realistic!

Sue Murdoch

Ahoy there; just finishing your book. I loved it!! What a great job you did. Yes, I can see you writing many adventures with Annie getting into trouble with her cat Bozz and friend Hamish. Loved those bits of humour and lots of adventure. It was very well written Noelle. I especially liked your note to your young readers. It made me cry.

Hillery Bourne

A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL read - Annie McLeod, a most endearing character truly comes to life!!! Anxiously awaiting your next novel - a sequel perhaps!!!?

Dawn Popkin

I just finished reading Shire Summer two nights ago. So much fun to read! And so evocative of the time and place. Made me long for gales and summers by the seaside! Great characters. I think my favorite was Bozz the magical cat.

Elle Spencer-Lewis

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