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Reviews for Being Pete

I am delighted to share Larry Swartz' review of my second novel Being Pete. I first met Larry when I was on the executive of the East York Scarborough Association which, over many years, organized and presented the Reading for the Love of It conferences in Toronto. Larry was a frequent and highly regarded speaker and I was fortunate to be on the inner circle that allowed me to meet him personally.

Larry Swartz has explored literature-based learning with students and teachers for more than 30 years in North America, England, New Zealand and China. As a classroom teacher, consultant and instructor with OISE/University of Toronto, he has inspired colleagues and children alike to learn in new and exciting ways.


I just finished reading BEING PETE and want to congratulate you on this book. I admire books that help students journey to the past and your book paints a great picture of time and place in Montreal, 1950's. Moreover, the web of lies/untruths that Natalie gets herself into is an important moral issue that readers can learn from. She seemed to be trapped, but in her heart she wanted to care for Uncle Billy and felt that her lies were justified. I loved her friendship with the feisty Rhoda. And I admired too the way gender identity was filtered into the story, certainly an equity issue that deserves attention. 

On a glorious holiday Monday, I spent time in a little park, sipping a latte and reading Being Pete. I will gladly recommend this book on my website DR. LARRY RECOMMENDS. I will have a posting next week on Middle Years novels. I will also try to provide a positive review on Amazon, where I purchased the novel. 

Hooray for Pete!

Hooray for you!

Larry Swartz

Hi! I just finished your wonderful book with a great big lump in my throat!

I was completely invested in Pete!

Thanks, Noelle! You did an amazing job!

Sue Murdoch

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