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Latest on My Writing Life

It’s been FIVE MONTHS since my last posting! However, I have been busy writing a number of things during that time.

First, a couple of chapters from the ongoing saga Follies of Fandango for Bay Watch News in Bonita Bay, Florida, about the trawler my husband am I owned in the Virgin Islands back in the day. It is a tongue-in-cheek rendering of some pretty anxious financial times that are far enough in our past to be amusing.

Then, I wrote an article for the spring edition of West Rouge Life incorporating some sailing verses as well as some reminiscing about our 27’ cutter, here on Lake Ontario. An excerpt from this may be included after publication.

And I thought I’d try my hand at short story writing too, so I sent a submission to the Toronto Star Short Story competition. For this 2,500 word entry, Tijax Tango, I made fast and loose with an experience my husband and I survived while on a cruise in the Yucatan.

And finally, I am getting back to writing for the youth audience that started this website business in the first place. I have begun on a substantive revision of Being Pete, a pre-teen novel set in Montreal in the 1950’s about a young girl with a passion for cowboys. Modeled on the author’s fascination for Roy Rogers, Tex Canyon is Natalie McIntyre’s cowboy hero. Natalie’s determination to win the contest that will allow her to finally meet Tex is fraught with issues, not the least of which is her masquerading as a boy and telling a few other whopper’s about herself in order to influence the judges in her favor; whoppers that come back to bite her, big time.

Around and between all this I am getting back to the promotion of Shire Summer. I have arranged a bookseller’s buyback with my publisher which will allow my book to be placed on the shelves of bookstores across the country as well as in the US and the UK. And, in May, I shall resume presentations in a few local schools. I left Annie on the shelf for most of the fall and winter believing there would be a resurgence of interest in my ‘summer’ tale, come spring.

Watch for the new interactive “Annie Challenge” in a further BLOG and take part if you dare!

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