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I thoroughly enjoyed the book! I was very impressed by how smoothly you transitioned from an activity or a conversation or a place from one paragraph to the next. Your epilogue screams "sequel" at me! Rhoda Horn

Good luck with the novel. You deserve to be successful after such an entrepreneurial and imaginative presentation. It's certainly a good story line. At my age I really can't comment on whether it would appeal to modern young adults - I just don't know. Peter Lewis

A wonderfully captivating read - the main character Annie McLeod truly comes to life!

James Popkin MD FRCP(C)

I loved your book! - finding it very fresh & alive & captivating. It was perfectly delightful in the overall. I share Annie's love of "adventures" and all things magical and was right there experiencing all throughout. Your descriptions were so evocative - I truly feel that I have lived through it. The characters were very real, and Annie was so lucky to have Gran & Bozz in her life (as I hope you did too!). I love happy endings and yours could not have been more satisfying. Perhaps a sequel is in the works Brenda Rak

I have just finished reading Shire Summer and couldn't wait to congratulate you on a thoroughly enchanting read. Your blend of memory and imagination blows me away. Norma Sturkenboom

I just finished it, on my Kobo, and was charmed! I could just picture you exploring the coves of your childhood, with great imagination. It was a delightful tale, filled with suspense, and colour. Marnie Runte

I bought Shire Summer and have loved diving into Annie's story. I devoured it in one sitting and loved how the realm of magic and dreams melded with the vividly real world of Lin Cove guest house and tea at Gran’s and adventures with Hamish. I look forward to collecting all your masterpieces and sharing them with all my friend’s children as they grow up! Thank you for being my own dear Ms. Sinclair once upon a time at “Churchill!” Clara Chow

I have just finished reading your book and a jolly good read it was too. What I really liked about it was the logical sequence of events. I was never left in doubt of the stories progression. The characters were well portrayed and I of course I was easily able to identify with the location. What a stroke of brilliance it was using Bozz the way you did at the end; just the sort of touch that would appeal to a young adult. I like books that have a happy ending even if they are a little teary. Robin Lawn

I just finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your story was terrific and I didn't want to put it down. I think it appeals to adults as well as children. I think you should do very well with it. Beryl Tiviluk

I just finished reading your book last night. Wow! I read it in two sittings - really couldn't put it down. Rod is right, we need hours to talk about it. There were so many things I loved about it, but most of all, it was a gripping story. I am going to make a list of all the things I loved about your book and send it to you. Right now, I can't think of any criticisms. Jan Weir

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